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I would strongly encourage you to support your local bookstore. If you want to know more about why, then have a read of this which raises some of the issues involved. Here’s a good access point to find your local store.

You can of course choose to buy online here:

If you want it electronically, the Kindle version is available from Amazon.

The audio book is also available in the same places.


Buy in any good bookstore, or online here:

Otherwise, you can grab the Kindle edition at


Buy in any good bookstore, or online here::

Dutch Edition

Buy direct from the publisher in the Netherlands here.

14 Responses to Buy “The Great Disruption”
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  4. Osmar Afonso

    ”O mundo é um só: não se importa de onde vem ou para onde vai” temos que rever nosso conceito de felicidade. O consumismo desenfreado ávido cada vez mais por produtos diferenciados, estimulando o crescimento da produção industrial, trará consequências drásticas a todo planeta.

  5. Simone McCreary

    Loved your TED talk, wish I had time to read your book, let me know when you release an audiobook or podcast!

  6. [...] just got through watching Paul Gilding’s talk, “The earth us full,” which opened up th...
  7. robert

    Wondering if you have plans to offer the electronic version through iBooks on iTunes…

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  12. JanV

    The Stone Age is the only sustainable lifestyle and we are going home to it one way or another.

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