The Great Disruption – now available in most media formats!


I’m often asked by readers where they can find an overview of my ideas around the Great Disruption and where society is heading, so they can revisit them or share them with friends and family. In our information, media and idea rich world this now of course has to come in many different formats.

Thanks to the University of Sydney’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions my presentation was recorded when I spoke at the Sydney Ideas lecture series and is now available for download. It was broadcast nationally on ABC Radio on Background Briefing so an audio version can be podcast from their site here or you can watch the video in full here, including Rosemary Lyster’s introduction and the question and answer session.

For those who prefer a quick read, my first Cockatoo Chronicles summarises the arguments in 850 words here. Or you can read how Tom Friedman at the NYT sees the question here. The original letter from July 2008 is available from my website here.

For those can only deal with Twitter length commentary, you can follow me here, but I’m afraid I haven’t got the arguments quite summarised to that brevity yet! Perhaps “The revolution is coming hold on for the ride!” or maybe just “Shop less, Live more”

Your suggestions welcome!

5 thoughts on “The Great Disruption – now available in most media formats!

  1. Gary McNamara

    I enjoyed the lecture as I heard it abridged through Background Briefing. The notion of a Global Ponzi Scheme, and Global Warming only being a symptom. The example is a good tool and your frank sardonic(?) manner of delivery was refreashing. It tapped into something I have held since my HSC (100 million years seems) when I studied Confronting The Future with BIrch Toffler et al as my English option. It also taps into some of the “Club of Rome Stuff” that popped up in the seventies (before I knew about it) and came around again on ABC late Night LIve with Phillip Adams.

    Recently I have referred to it as being like the Easter Islanders historic demise as a society (Also Jared M. Diamond). It is also interesting to juxtapose your solutions with the thinking as described by Melvyn Bragg in his In Our TIme Podacst on the thinking of the School of Logical Positivism Thursday July 2, 2009 but also contrasting with Corporatism by John Ralston Saul.

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