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I would strongly encourage you to support your local bookstore. If you want to know more about why, then have a read of this which raises some of the issues involved. Here’s a good access point to find your local store.

You can of course choose to buy online here:

If you want it electronically, the Kindle version is available from Amazon.

The audio book is also available in the same places.


Buy in any good bookstore, or online here:

Otherwise, you can grab the Kindle edition at


Buy in any good bookstore, or online here::

Dutch Edition

Buy direct from the publisher in the Netherlands here.

30 thoughts on “Buy “The Great Disruption”

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  2. Osmar Afonso

    ”O mundo é um só: não se importa de onde vem ou para onde vai” temos que rever nosso conceito de felicidade. O consumismo desenfreado ávido cada vez mais por produtos diferenciados, estimulando o crescimento da produção industrial, trará consequências drásticas a todo planeta.

  3. Simone McCreary

    Loved your TED talk, wish I had time to read your book, let me know when you release an audiobook or podcast!

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  5. Paul, would you say you still support the use of Nuclear energy, I don’t have enough money to purchase the book but was wondering if you still have the same views as in the video?

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