Talks (inc Video & Audio)


RSA talk in London.  Edited to 16 minute summary.

TED Talk – Long Beach 2012 (16 minutes)

Other Video

  • RSA London – Edited Talk on The Great Disruption – in various formats to watch and downloadable. 16 minutes. Link here.
  • Talk at Seattle Town Hall (courtesy Ed Mays, Pirate TV). 40 min talk + question time. Watch here.
  • Interview with publisher (3 minutes) available on You Tube here
  • The Great Disruption as presented at the University of Sydney, including an introduction by Rosemary Lyster and a question and answer session. Available here on Sydney Uni’s website. (1 hour)


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  1. Regarding steady state economy: what does that mean regarding housing the younger generation families? Increasing the housing stock is “growth economy”. Do you discuss reducing average space/person anywhere? Conjurs up memories of Tanya’s family home invaded in Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

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