Introduction to site


This is the personal website of Paul Gilding, writer, advisor and advocate on climate change and sustainability.

I believe humanity has entered a period of great economic and social transformation, what I call the Great Disruption. The global economy has now hit its ecological and resource limits so it can grow no more, triggering the global ecological and economic crisis now unfolding as the current system breaks down. (see here for detail) The exciting thing about this moment is that the crisis presents an historic and exciting opportunity to build a new approach to economic and social development for humanity.

This opportunity will be realised by people like you taking action to create this new approach and it is you that my writing is focused on. My intent is to provide interpretation of the changes happening around us and to share ideas and help build the momentum for action in response.

This website provides:

  • My commentary pieces, Cockatoo Chronicles, on global developments and society’s response. These are short, easy to read interpretations of the trends happening around us with stories of people at the front line. You can read them here or sign up to have them sent to you.
  • Major thought pieces I have written, like the original Great Disruption letter referred to by Tom Friedman in the New York Times.
  • Media coverage on my Great Disruption thesis and related issues.
  • An overview of my work with companies and other organisations helping them to respond to the changes happening in the world.
  • Some personal background on me and my other activities including public speaking and involvement in a series of community organisations.

So enjoy the ride as we act together to build a new society!

Paul Gilding