Public speaking experience


Paul’s speaking experience over three decades has ranged across many different formats and audiences. These include major, public business and general conferences, public lectures, single company meetings and private workshops, lunches and meetings with groups of executives.

This is a representative sample of such talks:

  • Cambridge University – Teaching over 11 years on the faculty of CPSL seminars conducted for the Princes of Wales’s Business and Sustainability Programme – an exclusive 40 person seminar for senior business leaders. Australia, USA, UK, South Africa and Europe.
  • TED – Talk at opening session of TED 2012 in Long Beach California. 1,500 live audience, 1,000 remotely and 500,000+ views on line.
  • Book launch tour – In 2011 gave over 70 public talks in 8 months in 6 countries as part of the launch of The Great Disruption.
  • USA Universities – Harvard Business School, MIT and University of Oregon. Public and student/faculty lectures.
  • Stocklands – Presentation to the top 40 Executives of this Australian property company on the science and business implications of climate change.
  • Singapore Ministry of Defence. Singapore Island Forum – Two day private workshop with defence chiefs and department heads on global trends in sustainability, climate change and social change and their security implications.
  • Australian Minerals Industry conference – 200 executives from Australian mining companies on the Great Disruption and its implications for mining.
  • Consult Australia – 300 person conference of engineering and consulting company executives on sustainability and the built environment.
  • Anglo American – the top 120 global executives of a major global mining company at their bi-annual retreat in Barcelona, Spain – presentation with the company Chairman.
  • Suncor Energy Canada – the top 100 global executives on business strategy and sustainability.
  • EPA Victoria – 15 water company CEOs, workshop on sustainability and its business implications for the industry.
  • US Business Council – 100 CEOs  of major US companies at their annual retreat. Panel discussion with DuPont CEO Chad Holliday on sustainability.
  • 1 Million Women – Speaking tour to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for public talks to 1,000 women with this community climate group.
  • Sydney Writers Festival – Talk to 1,000 people at Sydney Town Hall and various other events at Australia’s premier writers festival.
  • Spirituality, Leadership and Management conference –Talk on The Great Disruption and its implications for human consciousness.
  • Santam Insurance South Africa – 30 executives on climate change science and its business implications.
  • Anglo American Coal Division South Africa – 20 executives from the coal division on climate change and the coal industry.
  • Public forums, Capetown and Johannesburg – 100 business people on sustainability and economic development..
  • DuPont USA – Talk to the top 30 executives at a company retreat on GMOs and sustainability.
  • ABC Radio National public forum. Nationally broadcast radio debate in Newcastle  on climate change and coal.
  • Centre for Sustainability Leadership – workshops for 30 young community workers on activism and social engagement.
  • Lion Nathan – Japanese brewer Kirin’s Australian arm – 20 executives on sustainability and business strategy.
  • TEDx events – Talks at local TED events in Sydney, Australia and Iowa, USA on the Great Disruption.
  • Australia India Business Council 150 business and government officials on Climate change and its implications for international relations and trade
  • Business Chicks – 500 women at each of three business women’s networking events around Australia
  • Sydney University – Public lecture on the Great Disruption which was broadcast on national radio on a leading current affairs program.


3 thoughts on “Public speaking experience

  1. Patricia Littlefield

    I just read your book, and liked it. I agree with you and think you have written probably the best of the sustainable living topic books I have read. I am interested in sustainable living, and the interrelations of urban and rural areas as important parts of my life experience. I would really like an online forum to dialogue with other people, and hopefully, you would “check in” to provide some perspective.
    I spend most of my time in urban Oakland, outside of San Francisco, but am planning to retire to Lake County in the north, near to where I grew up. I would like to see Lake County explored as a community under these conditions. It really has issues now with poverty, and the crisis of the Great Disruption could actually shake things up enough to give a complete replanning and reorganization. I would like to discuss this.

    Thank you for an excellent book.

  2. Paul – I am half-way thru The Great Disruption and loving it. My company is involved with engaging the aerospace and defence industry in what we call solutions to ‘global challenges’ (energy, environment, sustainable infrastructures, humanitarian/catastrophe relief/response) – its counter-intuitive, but makes sense the more you think about it (it changes economic models and is itself very disruptive) and encourages cross-sector solutions to big planetary architectural problems. We have an upcoming conference in London (mid-November) and I’d be interested in tempting you to speak. Call me if you can: +44 7949 946572. All best, Nick

  3. Bob McLaughlin

    I have read The Great Disruption. And I am re-reading it in both print and audio (Audible/ in order to learn, understand, evaluate and use your argument and its evidence. Because it is both a responsibility and a practical necessity for those like me who are working to present effective, local, community based responses to the great disruption of climate change trauma–whether to a traumatized individual or traumatized groups small and large–to offer response hypothesese that are based upon credible evidence for what former Boston Globe environmental reporter Dianne Dumanoski in The End of the Long Summer (Amazon), calls “honest hope”. And I hear the assertion of honest hope in every page of your book as the foundational argument that you intend its every word to support. Whether I end up agreeing that you have successfully made that case or not, successfully making that case, if it proves to be possible, is what our survival as a species requires, and is, therefore, our collective responsibility, our collective work. Thank you for your leadership. What’s missing for me from this page, and your website, as far as I can see, is your appearance schedule as far out as you have made commitments, and the process, beyond this Comment opportunity, I would use to acquire and schedule your appearance and collaboration.

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