New York Times – “The Earth is Full” Column about the book by Pulitzer prize winning journalist and best selling author Tom Friedman. Read here.

Lateline (ABC TV Australia) featured a joint interview with Tom Friedman and Paul Gilding about the book and Tom’s NYT column “The Earth is Full”. You can watch the story or read the transcript on the Lateline website

On Point with Tom Ashbrook – (NPR – USA). One hour radio show on The Great Disruption, with caller questions Listen here.

Richard Fidler’s Conversations (National ABC radio program – Australia) In depth radio interview (1 hour) on the ABC’s top rating interview program (and most podcast program). Covers the themes of the book and Paul’s personal story. Listen here.

CNN –  Interview conducted at TED conference by CNN and OpEd published on CNN website. Watch interview and read oped here.

All Things Considered (NPR Radio – USA):  Interview for a segment “Confronting Climate Collapse, but with Optimism!” (5 minutes) Listen here.

NRC (Dutch daily newspaper) Article on book after visit to Netherlands (in Dutch). Read here. Also review of book (in Dutch). Read here.

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) Business pages profile and article by Leonie Lamont on the economic arguments in the book.  Read here.

CNN – Opinion“Save the global economy, save the planet.” Op-ed published by CNN (USA) Read here.

Melbourne Age (Australia) Book review by Peter Christoff. Read here.

KNews FM (Palm Springs, CA USA) Conversations with Charlie Dyer. (15 minutes) listen here.

Ethical Corporation (UK) Podcast interview with Editor Tony Webb focused on books thesis and the implications for sustainable business professionals.  Podcast (16 minutes) Listen here .

The Times, London Sunday Times Review. Book of the week. Review by Associate Editor, Business and Politics, David Wighton See here.

Arab News. Opinion piece “We are running out of oil, food, water… and time” by Hassan Yassin, Saudi political analyst, summarizing the arguments in the book and drawing out the implications for the Middle East. Read here.

ABC Radio (Australia)Interview with Gillian O’Shaughnessy. Listen here. (10 minutes)

The Guardian (UK)– Blog and review by John Elkington see here

Canberra Times (Australia)– Book review by Bob Douglas see here.

Campaign Strategy News (UK). Review and discussion of the implications for environmental campaigners by Chris Rose. See here.

Wattwatcher and Environmental Management News – Book review by Murray Hogarth. See here

Tasmanian Times – Profile and book review by Fiona Stocker see here

The Australian – Book extract in Australia’s national daily newspaper. See here



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