Current activities


Paul’s key current focus areas include:

  • Travelling around the world speaking on the themes covered in his book The Great Disruption (Bloomsbury Press).  Paul has given hundreds of public and private talks in over 30 countries.
  • Publications and thought pieces. Published various papers on issues including the impacts of The Great Disruption on valuation of coal, oil and gas companies and, with Jorgen Randers, one of the authors of the seminal 1972 publication The Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth, The One Degree War Plan. This was published in the academic journal The Journal for Global Responsibility.
  • He was co-founder and is a director of an innovative campaigning non-profit, the Changing Markets Foundation, founded in the Netherlands with current operations in London.
  • A new focus over recent years has been the implications of The Great Disruption for security and defence community. He has attended private forums with Defence experts on these topics and written on them, such as this paper for the foreign policy focused Brown Journal.
  • His regular writing and commentary is published on this site (as The Cockatoo Chronicles) and is emailed free to subscribers. It also published at Giles Parkinson’s ReNew Economy website.
  • He has advisory relationships with various companies in Australia and internationally and sits on various corporate advisory boards on sustainability. These have included in recent years DSM, Unilever, Fonterra, BHP and Barry Callebaut.
  • He is a Fellow at Cambridge University’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and is on the Global Core Faculty of the Prince of Wales’s Business and Sustainability Programme run by CISL and is Chairman of the Australian program. In this program he lectures and helps facilitates senior executive seminars around the world driving corporate action on sustainability.

Paul’s history is one of deep commitment to social action and cutting edge experiments in social change in both the business and the non-profit sector. As well as the above activities Paul has, over his 40+ years of active engagement on sustainability, helped to break new ground in many areas as an entrepreneurial businessman and CEO and as a creative campaigner and activist. More details can be found on this site under Paul’s history.